JAG Crest Pin Badge (DUI)


Eligibility Requirements for JAG Skills Qualification Badge:

i.       Completion of all ten (10) self-study training modules with passing scores on the testing components; and
ii.      In-person participation at in-person mock trial proceeding of a SGAUS sanctioned event and receipt of passing scores from the instructors; and
iii.     In-person participation of no less than four (4) hours of approved military law related instruction at any sanctioned SGAUS event.
iv.     Licensing by a state bar and in good standing of same.
v.      The only exception to the above requirements in paragraphs i, ii, and iii are verified federal JAG experience, with documented attendance at JAG School.
IMPORTANT: Each state TAG must expressly approve the SGAUS JAG Skills Badge before it can be worn on any state guard uniform.

For more information about the SGAUS JAG program, please go to this link https://sgausstaging.wpengine.com/sgaus-academy/jag-academy/

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JAG Crest Pin Badge
JAG Crest Pin Badge
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