SGAUS Mission:

Support State Defense Forces

The mission of the State Guard Association of the United States (SGAUS) is to advocate for the advancement and support of regulated state military forces established by state governments under the authority of Title 32, Section 109, of the United States Code. These units are typically called state defense forces, state guards, or state military reserves and are regulated by state law and operational guidance provided by the U.S. Army’s National Guard Bureau.

  • Sponsor and promote federal and state legislation in support of state military forces.
  • Facilitate cooperation between state defense forces, the Department of Defense, the National Guard Bureau, and
    active/reserve federal forces.
  • Establish and promote uniformed and professional state defense force standards.
  • Facilitate and promote the exchange of best practices between state defense forces.
  • Educate public officials and communities of the benefits of establishing and maintaining state defense forces.
  • Educate public officials and communities that state defense forces established by state governments under
    the authority of 32 USC 109 are legal and professional military organizations and that they are separate from private militias.
  • Support state defense force recruitment and retention programs.


History of State Defense Forces: SGAUS Keynote Address by Dr. Barry Stentiford (November 2022)

National Guard Bureau Instruction – NATIONAL GUARD INTERACTION WITH STATE DEFENSE FORCES, 15 June 2017

32 USC 109 – Maintenance of other Troops

National Guard Bureau Regulation 10-4

Department of Defense House Armed Services Committee Report 108-491 (2005)

State Defense Forces and Homeland Security (2004)

George J. Stien, “State Defense Forces: The Missing Link in National Security” (1984)

2023 Officers & Committees

Executive Committee
PresidentCOL (CA) Tim Ingram
President-Elect LTC (NY) Barry Greene
Vice PresidentBG (MD) Gregory Juday
SecretaryCOL (TN) Tom Smith
MAJ (TN) Steve Estes, Ass’t Sec.
TreasurerLTC (IN) Bob Fiers
At-Large MembersMG (MS) Doug Hayhurst (2020)
MG (CA) Coggan (2021)
BG (NY), Ret. David Warager (2022)
Executive Director (non-voting)MAJ (TN) Steve Estes (Acting)
Command Sergeant MajorCSM (OH) John Ball
Board Members
  AlaskaBG(AK) Simon Brown
 CaliforniaCOL(CA) Timothy Ingram
 GeorgiaCOL (GA) Dennis Watts
 IndianaLTC(IN) Bob Fiers
 LouisianaBG(LA) Edmund J. Giering III, Ret.
 MarylandBG(MD) Gregory Juday
 MichiganCOL(MI) William Ewald
 MississippiBG(MS) John Carter
 New YorkLTC(NY) Barry Greene
 OhioLTC(OH) Roger Lee Patrick Jr.
 Puerto RicoBG(PR) Ricardo Falcon
South CarolinaBG(SC) Leon L. Lott
 TennesseeBG(TN) Kevin Stewart
 TexasBG(TX) Anthony Woods
VirginiaBG(VA) Justin Carlitti
WashingtonCOL(WA) Joseph P. Maassen
SGAUS ChaplainCPT (OH) Todd Smith
SGAUS SurgeonBG (TX) David Cohen
1. Awards & DecorationsLTC (OH) Roger Lee Patrick Jr., Chair
2. Bylaws and Resolutions
3. Chaplain AcademyCPT (OH) J. Todd Smith
4. Engineering AcademyCOL(MD) Ed Hubner, Chair
5. Government Relations &COL Tom Smith
Federal AffairsLTC (MD) Anthony Wisniewski, Ass’t Chair
6. MEMS AcademySGM(CA) Fred Tredy, Chair
MAJ Anthony Crawford, Ass’t Chair
7. MembershipBG (MS Ret.) Doug Hayhurst
8. NominationsBG (MS Ret.) Doug Hayhurst, Chair
9. Education Committee & Procedures for SchoolsCOL (NY Ret.) Jim Hardy
MAJ (CA) Mitch Cochran, Ass’t Chair
10. PME
11. Staff Judge Advocate AcademyLTC (TX) Michael Parker, Co-Chair
12. Strategic Planning Committee
13. PAO/PIO CommitteeMAJ (IN) Terry Heifetz
14. Cyber AcademyLTC (NY) Barry Greene
15. Medical Academy CommitteeDr. Julian Ungar-Sargon, MD, PhD, Chair
BG (TX-R) Luis Fernandez, MD, Ass’t Chair
16. SGAUS FoundationBG (MS) Doug Hayhurst, Chair
COL (TN) Tom Smith, Secretary/Treasurer
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