Superior Unit Award (Green/White w/gold frame)


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The Superior Unit Citation is encased in a gold frame, and is worn on the right side of the uniform.

a. The who awarded / Standards: The Superior Unit Citation may be awarded to SGAUS members in a state guard/defense force unit that performed outstanding service in response to riot, natural or manmade disasters and emergencies, beyond that normally expected, either for a sustained period or in a specific set circumstance. The Superior Unit Citation is given to foster unit esprit-de-corps by recognizing those units that demonstrated outstanding performance in support of the mission of SGAUS and the state guard/defense force.

b. How awarded: The circumstances of the service and activities performed must be documented in detail and submitted with a roster of names of the individual SGAUS members who service with the unit during the cited period. The unit citation will be awarded only to SGAUS members who actually served in the cited unit during the award period or specific act.

c. Recommendations for the award of the Superior Unit Citation will be submitted through the state guard/defense force chain of command to the awards committee, using the SGAUS Award Recommendation Form and accompanied by a proposed citation. The recommendation of the Awards Committee will be presented to the approving authority for its decision.

d. SGAUS members retain the right to wear the ribbon after transfer from the unit. SGAUS members joining the unit at a later time may be issued the ribbon with authorization to wear so long as they remain with that unit and are members of SGAUS.

e. Succeeding awards: For each succeeding award, an oak leaf cluster will be attached to the award ribbon. A bronze cluster shall represent one additional award and a silver cluster will be worn in place of five bronze clusters.

e. Approving authority: The approving authority for this award is the SGAUS Executive Committee.

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