Meritorious Service Medal Set


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  • To whom awarded: The Meritorious Medal may be awarded to SGAUS members who have performed meritorious service or achievement that has significant favorable impact upon SGAUS or a stage guard/defense force for an act of valor or heroism at the risk of personal injury.
  • Recommendations will be forwarded through state guard defense force chain of command to the Awards Committee. The recommendations of the Awards Committee will be presented to the approving authority for its decision.
  • Succeeding awards: For each succeeding award, an oak leaf cluster will be attached to the award ribbon. A bronze cluster shall represent one additional award and a silver cluster will be worn in place of five bronze clusters. A gold star device is worn to represent an award for valor or heroism.
  • Approving authority: The approving authority for this award is the SGAUS Executive Committee.

(includes full size medal, mini medal and ribbon)

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