Engineering Specialty Qualification Badge – ESQiD – OFFICER (Gold)


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Prerequisite requirements are established to ensure minimum quality assurance standards for entrance to the program. Prerequisite requirements cannot be waived or varied. Questions regarding acceptability of qualifying knowledge and experience may be referred to the SGAUS Engineer Academy staff for review and / or approval at

The following prerequisites are established program minimums.

SGAUS Membership
Membership in the State Guard Association of the United States is required for application to this program.

SGAUS Military Emergency Management Specialist (MEMS) – Basic
The MEMS – Basic coursework provides a fundamental understanding of emergency management. Topics covered include emergency management subject matter relevant to mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery, incident management, NIMS, the National Response Framework, and the process of comprehensive emergency management.

Acceptable Course:
– SGAUS Military Emergency Management – Basic

Qualifying Knowledge and Experience
The E in ESQiD stands for Engineering. Individuals applying for this qualification shall have qualifying knowledge and experience in the field of engineering or construction to participate in this program. A professional degree in engineering, architecture, surveying, technical / technology degree, a trade license or trade school certificate, or work experience in the field of design, construction or inspection is a minimum requirement for application.

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