Distinguished Service Ribbon Set – Complete



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  • To whom awarded: The Distinguished Service Medal may be awarded to SGAUS members who have performed exceptionally distinguished service or achievement that has significant impact upon SGAUS and/or state guard/defense force for an act of valor or heroism at the risk of life or personal injury.
  • Recommendations will be forwarded through the state guard/defense force chain commander to the Awards Committee. The recommendations of the Awards Committee will be presented to the approving authority for its decision.
  • Succeeding awards: For each succeeding award, an oak leaf cluster will be attached to the award ribbon. A bronze cluster shall represent one additional award and a silver cluster will be worn in place of five bronze clusters. A gold star device is worn to represent an award for valor or heroism.
  • Approving authority: The approving authority for this award is the SGAUS Executive Committee.

(includes full size medal, mini medal and ribbon)

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