Engineer Specialist Qualification Designation (ESQiD)

The Engineer Specialist Qualification Designation (ESQiD) program was developed to create a set of credentials to identify a soldier as a qualified individual for providing engineering support to their State. To that end, if the SDF in your State Has specific engineering missions and soldiers assigned to execute those missions and Mission Essential Tasks Lists (METLs) developed to support those missions; this is a program open to you.   Unlike the MEMS program, which has a consistency across jurisdictions, the ESQiD program is made to be tailored to each State’s engineering mission and their unit’s METLs.  As such, each State runs its own ESQiD program with the individual State program approved by the ESQiD Academy. 

The following States have approved programs, consistent with their unique missions and METLs:

   SDF                                      Contact

Alaska                         CPT(AK) Michael R. Chiesa

Maryland                    MAJ(MD) David W. Snider

New York                   in transition

Indiana                        MAJ(IN) Hall

Ohio                            LTC(OH) Brian Reeder

Puerto Rico                 CPT(PR) Martinez

Texas                          CPT(TX) Hector Camarillo

If you are in a SDF in one of the States listed above, we urge you to contact your State ESQiD coordinator.  If you do not see your State listed above, Please discuss through your Chain of Command.  If your State is interested, we can discuss with your CG or their designate, how to get the ball rolling. 

Again, we thank you for your interest and your help to move the program forward.


COL(MD) Edward A. Hubner, PE

ESQiD Academy Chair

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